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Can’t say decisively now how much BoJ wll hike rates

 Bank of Japan (BoJ) board member Naoki Tamura is back on the wires, via Reuters, on Wednesday, making some comments on the central bank’s interest rate outlook.

Key quotes

We will set short-term rates at appropriate level while scrutinising economic, price and financial developments.

Can’t say decisively now how much BoJ wll hike rates.

Don’t think we will be raising rates as fast as the US central bank.

If economy weakens, we will conduct appropriate monetary policy as needed including negative rate, YCC.

Can’t say exactly when but direction is for BoJ to move toward reducing amount of bond purchases.

Won’t hike rates solely for purpose of recovering market function.

Will focus on price, wages, consumption and corporate price-setting behaviour, when asked about future monetary policy guidance.

There is no set formula, when asked about additional rate hikes.

If upside risks to trend inflation, price outlook heighten, or likelihood of stably hitting price goal rises further, we may be able to hike rates again.

Risk of inflation overshooting sharply, requiring rapid monetary tightening, remains low.

Will not comment on specific FX moves

It is desirable for FX to move stably reflecting economic fundamentals.

Promising to continue with accommodative monetary policy won’t necessarily conflict with need to raise interest rates.

If positive economic cycle were to strengthen, I am hoping we can raise interest rates to levels where market function recovers.

Market reaction

USD/JPY was last seen trading at 151.75, adding 0.14% on the day.


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