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FET, AGIX, OCEAN prices drop as ASI Governance votes start for first of three proposals - Faicy

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FET, AGIX, OCEAN prices drop as ASI Governance votes start for first of three proposals

  • FET, AGIX, and OCEAN ecosystems are deliberating a merger under one umbrella: Artificial Superintelligence.
  • FET vote is first of three proposals, covering the transition of the network as the home of ASI, and FET as a 1:1 conversion.
  • Fetch.ai, SingularityNET, and Ocean Protocol are down 6%, 8%, and 7% as broader markets crash.

Fetch.ai (FET), SingularityNET (AGIX), and the Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) are deliberating a landmark merger to become one Artificial Superintelligence (ASI) token. With the proposed agreement on the table, the individual communities have put the proposal to a vote, with the FET ecosystem going first.

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FET community vote on ASI merger commences

The Fetch.ai ecosystem started its vote for the proposed merger on April 2, marking the first governance proposal for the ASI alliance. “This proposal covers the transition of the network as the home of ASI, and FET as a 1:1 conversion,” indicated the network on its official X account as it urged community members to submit their votes.

The basics of the governance proposal are: –

  • The rename of the network and FET token to ASI
  • A hard fork of the FET token contracts on the ETH and BSC networks
  • Notice for the change in the total supply of tokens to allow other projects to join the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance

The governance proposal is only available to FET token stakers, and the other communities will vote on their side regarding this merger. Separate governance proposals and corresponding tokenomics updates will be submitted for each project.

It does not matter which validator you’re staking with, the amount of FET you stake will weigh in on how effective your vote will be. People that stake on an exchange have to check the exchange for their ability to take the vote.

Based on community engagement on the FET announcement, there is already concern about the total supply, with some calling for as high as 1.5 billion tokens.

Important takeaways about the ASI proposal vote

  • Voting on the first of the three proposals began on April 2 at 13:00 UTC and will remain open for five days.
  • Two further governance proposals will be submitted after the FET vote has concluded to accept both the AGIX and OCEAN ecosystems into the token.
  • Voting across all communities is expected to be finalized by Tuesday, April 16.

Cryptocurrency prices FAQs

FET, AGIX, OCEAN prices moving in same direction

The three coins, FET, AGIX, and OCEAN, appear to be moving in the same direction, likely because of arbitrage until the merge completes. Specifically, Fetch.ai, SingularityNET, and the Ocean Protocol prices are down 6%, 8%, and 7%, respectively.

FET/USDT 1-day chart, AGIX/USDT 1-day chart, OCEAN/USDT 1-day chart

FXStreet team will bring you the results of the vote, even as the ASI calculator, which details the conversion rates to the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance token based on FET, AGIX, and OCEAN, is already up as put up by former Ocean Protocol core team member Mathew Kretschmann.

Participants are asked to stay vigilant of impersonators. 

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