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PancakeSwap price surges as DEX burns $35 million CAKE tokens - Faicy

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PancakeSwap price surges as DEX burns $35 million CAKE tokens

  • PancakeSwap DEX burned over 8.7 million CAKE tokens worth $35 million on Monday. 
  • The decentralized exchange burns trading fees collected across V3 and V4, prediction market, lottery, NFTs and games. 
  • CAKE price climbed nearly 3% on Monday to $4.039. 

PancakeSwap (CAKE) announced a burn of 8,703,247 CAKE on Monday, pulling $35 million worth of DeFi tokens from circulation. The DEX’s move catalyzed gains in the asset. A key announcement by PancakeSwap regarding a collaboration with Stryke is likely another catalyst driving gains in the DEX’s native token CAKE. 

PancakeSwap burns massive amounts of CAKE, pushes price higher

CAKE price added nearly 3% to its value on Monday. There are two key events that likely catalyzed the rally in the DeFi token. The first is the $35 million CAKE token burn by the DEX. PancakeSwap burned the fees collected across V3, V4, NFTs, games, Automated Market Makers (AMM) and the prediction market. 

The DEX announced the token burn in an official tweet on X. 

The other catalyst is PancakeSwap’s introduction of CLAMM Options Trading, in collaboration with Stryke, a decentralized options exchange. PancakeSwap users can trade options, build on-chain options liquidity, earn premiums and swap fees on Arbitrum. 

CAKE price is $4.039 at the time of writing. The DeFi token wiped out nearly 13% of its value in the past seven days; the gains on Monday could help CAKE begin its recovery. 

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