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Prisma price tanks 25% after nearly $9 million exploit

  • Prisma Finance suffers $9 million exploit on Thursday, exploiter currently holds stolen funds in Ether wallet. 
  • The exploit is yet to end, project’s vault is being drained on Friday. 
  • PRISMA price took 25% losses on the day. 

Prisma Finance (PRISMA) is being exploited, and the attacker has so far pulled $9 million in Ethereum from the borrowing protocol. Prisma asked vault owners to take the necessary steps to protect funds from the ongoing attack in an official tweet on X. 

PRISMA token suffered a steep decline, wiping out 25% of its value within hours on Thursday. 

PRISMA Finance exploit catalyzes steep decline in token price

The decentralized borrowing protocol’s team announced that Prisma is under attack and there is an investigation to identify the cause. The team will release a post-mortem analysis and further updates for PRISMA holders, according to their official tweets on X. 

The protocol’s core engineering contributors have paused the chain to investigate. 

The borrowing protocol warned users against phishing links and asked PRISMA holders to pay heed to official communication only. 

Cyvers, a Web3 security platform, first detected suspicious transactions on the blockchain and estimated the total loss to $9 million. Cyvers’ investigation reveals that the attacker used crypto exchange FixedFloat to fund the attack. 

PeckShield, another leading cyber security firm, confirmed the attack and noted that Prisma mkUSD and wrapped, staked Ether tokens have been lost to the exploit. 

Web3 security platform Cyvers first detected the suspicious transactions, estimating a total loss of around $9 million so far, claiming the attacker funded via the crypto exchange FixedFloat.

Blockchain security firm PeckShield also confirmed the attack, suggesting Prisma mkUSD and wrapped stETH are among the stolen assets.


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