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Toncoin price surges as Notcoin gains attention across the crypto community

  • Toncoin price has been up by 11% as top crypto exchanges move to integrate Notcoin.
  • Notcoin will get listed on the Binance exchange on May 16.
  • TON may see a rally following Notcoin’s listing on top crypto exchanges.

TON saw a brief rally on Thursday following a recent announcement that Binance and OKX will launch Notcoin (NOT) as the newest token on the Binance launchpool and the OKX Jumpstart.

TON rallies following Notcoin announcement

Toncoin (TON), The Open Network’s native token, has seen impressive gains in the last 24 hours. The Telegram-linked coin currently trades at around $6.40, up by 11% on the day, according to data from Coinmarketcap. TON has outperformed most coins in the top 100 including Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Toncoin’s recent price boost can be traced to the growing popularity of the Telegram game community token Notcoin (NOT), which has garnered plenty of attention in the last 24 hours.

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Notcoin is beginning to see integrations across top crypto exchanges, giving it more visibility among crypto investors. Binance announced on Thursday that the token would be the 54th to be added to its launchpool.

Other top exchanges have also mentioned the inclusion of the cryptocurrency into their markets, including OKX Jumpstart on May 13 and the Bybit spot market on May 16, even though users can start storing the token.

Toncoin may continue to see a rally with the growing attention surrounding the Notcoin listing since most platforms require investors to stake their TON tokens in exchange for Notcoin. For example, OKX users would need to stake TON to gain Notcoin rewards. The excitement surrounding Notcoin’s launch may also serve as a catalyst for TON to see another round of rally.

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