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Top 5 cryptos on watchlist as RWA finance platforms take form

  • Real World Assets integration into crypto space births diversification, stability, increased adoption, asset backing, and improved liquidity
  • Polymesh, XinFin Network, Mantra DAO, Ondo Finance and Opulous rank among top 5 RWA finance platforms with game changer potential.
  • POLYX, XDC, OM, ONDO and OPUL prices show strength as RWAs continue to be key player in crypto.

Real World Assets (RWAs), which tokenize established commodities from traditional finance and bring them over into the DeFi space using blockchain technology, are a prevailing trend in the cryptocurrency market.

This is because the integration of this innovation into the crypto space has enabled diversification, stability, increased adoption, asset backing and improved liquidity, according to adherents. This offers a range of benefits to both investors and the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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RWA tokens in the watchlist

Real-world assets allow for diversification within a crypto portfolio by offering exposure to traditional asset classes such as real estate, commodities or stocks. This can help reduce overall portfolio risk and increase stability.

In a recent report, analytics platform Santiment indicated increasing attention for AI and RWAs. Among the tokens on the watchlist now amid a burgeoning niche include Polymesh (POLYX), XinFin Network (XDC), Mantra DAO (OM), Ondo Finance (ONDO) and Opulous (OPUL).

With RWAs becoming one of the hottest corners of the digital asset industry, crypto firms, global banking and asset management giants race to bring traditional financial instruments like bonds, funds or credit to blockchains. Polymesh, XinFin Network, Mantra DAO, Ondo Finance and Opulous rank among top five RWA finance platforms with game changer potential.

Polymesh: By focusing on regulatory compliance and investor protection, Polymesh seeks to bridge the gap between traditional finance and blockchain technology in the realm of asset tokenization.

XinFin Network: Aims to leverage blockchain technology to streamline various industries by enabling the digitization and transfer of real-world assets securely and transparently. This can help enhance efficiency, reduce costs and improve liquidity in asset markets.

Mantra DAO: By offering a wide range of DeFi products and services, Mantra DAO aims to empower users to participate in the decentralized economy and generate passive income.

Ondo Finance: By tokenizing real-world assets as synthetic assets on the blockchain, Ondo Finance aims to provide users with exposure to a diversified range of assets and investment opportunities. This can help investors manage risk, access new markets and benefit from the liquidity and efficiency of decentralized finance.

Opulous: While not directly focused on traditional RWAs, Opulous provides a unique way for creators to monetize their intellectual property rights and access funding using blockchain technology. This innovative approach to asset tokenization in the entertainment industry demonstrates the potential for leveraging blockchain to tokenize a wide range of tangible and intangible assets.

RWA tokens showing strength

The price of POLYX, XDC, OM, ONDO, and OPUL are showing growing momentum, which precipitates more gains for the RWA tokens to reach higher.

POLYX/USDT 1-week chart, ONDO/USDT 3-day chart, XDC/USDT 1-week chart, OM/USDT 1-week chart, OPUL/USDT 1-week chart

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