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Wil ensure stable growth and risk prevention

People’s Bank of China’s deputy governor said on Thursday that they “will coordinate the relationship between short-term tasks and long-term goals, stable growth and risk prevention, and internal and external balances.”

Additional quotes

Will accelerate implementation and effectiveness of relending facility for science and technology innovation.

Will promote trade and investment facilitation.

Will support development of offshore Yuan market.

Will support small- and medium-sized tech firms’ first-time loans and equipment upgrades in key areas with big efforts.

Will establish and improve financial infrastructure, improve service capacity of yuan cross-border interbank payment system.

Will strengthen the supervision of cross border Yuan business.

Will make financial markets more transparent, rule-based and predictable, and increase the liquidity yuan financial assets.

Will support more foreign central banks, international development institutions and multinational enterprises in issuing panda bonds in China.

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