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Will Inflation Concerns Rattle the FOMC amid Weaker US Growth?

Will Inflation Concerns Rattle the FOMC amid Weaker US Growth?

US-focused week ahead with the FOMC meeting, major tech stock earnings and NFP stealing the limelight, but other standouts include US PMI data as well as EU inflation and German GDP data .(AI Video Summary)In the analyst chat, Richard Snow and Nicholas Cawley discussed recent financial market developments, notably the re-acceleration of inflation as indicated by PCE data, which suggests the Federal Reserve might delay expected rate cuts. They explored concerns around U.S. GDP growth underperforming expectations, potentially impacting Fed decisions, and discussed currency movements, highlighting a notable depreciation of the yen against the dollar. The conversation also touched on upcoming key economic data releases, including German GDP and EU inflation, with speculations on central bank actions, particularly in the EU. They reviewed the impact of geopolitics on market risk sentiment and examined specific asset class performances, including the FTSE’s re-rating and movements in major indices like the S&P 500 and NASDAQ, commenting on the unusual market responses to mega-cap company earnings.Looking for actionable trading ideas? Download our top trading opportunities guide packed with insightful tips for the second quarter!

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