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Worldcoin loses value after reports about Apple AI integration

  • Apple’s next iPhone could see features that use OpenAI’s artificial intelligence capabilities, per Bloomberg. 
  • An AI chatbot in an iOS 18 update is reportedly the center of the discussion. 
  • Worldcoin price lost over 2% of its value since Friday. 

Apple Inc. has reportedly renewed its discussion with OpenAI for using the latter’s technology to power new features in the next iPhone. Sources close to the matter told Bloomberg that the two companies have started discussing a possible agreement on integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into Apple’s iOS 18. 

Apple could integrate AI chatbot into iOS 18

Bloomberg reported that the next iPhone operating system could integrate AI features from OpenAI. Conversations between the two giants have been reopened after Apple talked to the AI firm about a deal in early 2024. Bloomberg first reported about these talks in March 2024.

The report states that Apple’s next operating system will include features such as an AI software that generates human-sounding text and that the firm is seeking partners to power a chatbot-feature similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The firm’s soon-to-launch iPhone will include a chip, more powerful than previous versions, that is capable of running AI features. 

Apple has reportedly also been in discussions with Alphabet Inc.’s Google for its Gemini chatbot. There is no confirmation as to which AI partner will choose. The tech giant is also working on in-house AI improvements, per a Forbes report. Apple is working on enhancements to Siri, auto-summarizing, and auto-completion features in apps, which are expected to run better on the iPhone 16 after its launch. 

Sam Altman spearheads the Worldcoin project (WLD) and the AI research and development company OpenAI. Typically, developments and updates related to OpenAI have influenced WLD price in the past, affecting sentiments of WLD holders. 

The recent development, however, failed to catalyze gains in WLD. The AI token has suffered a more than 2% correction in its price since Friday, trading at $4.61 early on Monday.

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